Tal Streeter

media art

"edging sky" >
Tal Streeter flying a kite
MIT "Sky Art Conference 2002" Greece
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Museum references:

- San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
- Spencer Museum of Art
- Neuberger Museum of Art
- Oklahoma City Museum of Art
- The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum   Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Storm King Art Center


"Five Mile Long Flying Red line"
12 inch by 5 mile long kite tail >

- 1934 Oklahoma City, OK
- .. New York ..
- 1969 Japan ..


- 1982 M.I.T. SkyArt Conference Austria Linz
(Charlotte Moormann - Otto Piene - Anders Holmquist - Tom Van Sant ..)

- 2003 Atlantic Ctr for the Arts WindArt Symposium Florida


"endless column" >
70 foot high, red
Storm King Art Center

In 1969 New York artist Tal Streeter turned away from his rapidly expanding career and left for Japan to study the art of kite making. Following his return to the United States two years later, he wrote the "The Art of the Japanese Kite," arguably the most influencial book about kites ever published in English. His journey and subsequent account of Japanese kite making traditions, which go back over 1000 years, has become the definitive resource and inspiration for a generation of North American kite making artists.
(drachenfoundation seattle)

Tal Streeter is recognized as the first artist in the West to employ traditional kite making techiques in the context of contemporary art. His sculptures, drawings and kites have been featured internationally in museums, galleries and festivals. His work is included in many public and private collections including the Museum of Modern Art and the Storm King Art Center. Streeter is the author of seven books about traditional and contemporary kites. Streeter is also known for large sculptural works in steel and less traditional materials such as fabric and helium balloons. He has travelled extensively to research kite traditions from Malaysia to India, always returning home with scores of photographs and new material for the next book.
(weisman museum)


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